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The Health Benefits of Maca Root and Blue Spirulina


The Health Benefits of Maca Root and Blue Spirulina

Consider adding these two supplements to your routine. Here is some great information on the bounty of health benefits that these two supplements can add to your life.



Maca Root and Blue Spirulina work together to effectively aid in various healing remedies, both contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals.

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What is Maca Root?

Maca, whose scientific name is Lepidium meyenii, is considered a superfood native to the Andes Mountains. And its consumption has spread throughout the world due to its nutritional and medicinal value, as several online health portals have been reporting recently.


Maca Root is composed of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help regulate the functioning of the body. It is used for energizing, anti-inflammatory, and endocrine system regulating purposes.


Maca Root has become a food trend in recent months. It is a plant from Peru with a slightly bitter and spicy flavor. Normally, the root of the vegetable is left to dry to be crushed and sprinkled on different dishes or to be taken as an infusion. It is rich in antioxidants, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to preserving the health of the organism for different reasons.


The maca plant produces leaves that grow close to the ground and a small, whitish flower. Maca root can provide energy, but without overstimulating the body's systems.


The adaptogens present increase immunity, general vitality of the body, and sexual desire, for this and other benefits maca has been so appreciated in the past and the present, it is gaining followers day by day.


Maca Root and its root have been used for centuries for their nutritional and herbal qualities. Once harvested, it was traditionally dried and pulverized. It was then eaten or put in sacks to be exchanged for other products.


Andean maca was used as money by ancient indigenous peoples. For thousands of years, this herb has been recognized as a powerful source of energy and libido enhancer. Maca Root is a potent adaptogen, which means it can balance and stabilize the cardiovascular, nervous, muscular, and lymphatic systems of the body.


Which Maca Type Is Best For You? Maca Calculator


Maca Root has become popular among women lately since many of its properties are good for taking care of several issues that women tend to suffer from.


Maca Root Properties

The alkaloids in Andean Maca act on the hypothalamic-pituitary and adrenal axis. She has theorized that by activating these endocrine glands, Maca can increase energy, vitality, and libido. In addition, Maca Root improves memory and blood oxygenation. Its effects on sexual function are better researched than its effects on mood and memory.


Maca Root is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and iron, and contains minerals such as zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, manganese, and silica, as well as vitamins B1, B2, C, and E. In addition, it contains almost 20 amino acids. Maca is also a rich source of protein and fiber.


Benefits of Andean Maca Root


Maca has a huge array of benefits when taken. Let’s see them in detail.



Vitamins B, C, and E, as well as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and amino acids, are abundant components of Maca Root.


Sexual function

For centuries, Maca Root has benefited women and men by increasing sexual potency and desire. It has been used as a natural remedy to counteract impotence and promote fertility.


Women's health and mood

Andean Maca Root has effective components in the fight against the ailments associated with menopause, as well as the pain caused in many women by menstruation. It also has the property of relieving body aches, cramps, anxiety, hot flashes, as well as depression, and mood swings. However, if you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, please do not use maca root without first consulting your doctor.



Many people have reported experiencing an increase in energy level during the first few days of taking Andean Maca Root. It is also known to increase stamina. When you experience fatigue you can try consuming small amounts of maca root and you will notice an increase in your energy in a short time. For this reason, it is not recommended to consume the root after 6 pm, at least for the first few days.



Maca Root helps your overall health in several ways. It helps restore red blood cells by supplying iron, which prevents anemia and cardiovascular ailments. The nutrients in maca help maintain healthy teeth and bones and heal injuries quickly. When used in conjunction with a good training regimen, supplementing with maca can help increase muscle mass.



Many people take the herb to solve their skin problems, as Maca Root can help clear up blemishes and acne. Another benefit that some users have experienced is that it reduces the sensitivity of body tissues. Maca can help the human body withstand high or low temperatures in temperate climates.


Mood balancing

If you find yourself immersed in anxiety, stress, depression, or mood swings, Maca Root may help alleviate these symptoms.

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Side Effects

In toxicity studies conducted in the United States, maca showed no toxicity and no adverse pharmacological effects. However, Maca Root should be used in balance and moderation with other natural foods. Consumption of Maca powder must be monitored in women and men with thyroid hormonal imbalances or thyroid problems.



What about Blue Spirulina?

What about Blue Spirulina?

Blue Spirulina is a natural ingredient that attracts a lot of attention, not only for its benefits but also for its surprising and different color. This color is due to the presence of chlorophyll and a pigment from phycocyanin.




Although it may seem a very exotic ingredient, the truth is that Blue Spirulina is nothing more than a part of spirulina itself: what is known as phycocyanin. Its peculiar bluish color is striking, but above all, the interesting nutritional contribution it offers to our organism is interesting.

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Spirulina is a type of algae considered a superfood by the World Health Organization. It is an essential component to combat malnutrition in the world and, for this reason, NASA astronauts have been using this diet since the 1980s, long before this ingredient became popular.


The use of Blue Spirulina is diverse. Here are the most common consumption options:

  • In capsules. These are pills that are taken daily and contain blue spirulina in concentrated form.
  • This presentation is indicated to add to your recipes and load them with essential nutrients. 



Benefits and Uses of Blue Spirulina


We are going to tell you about the uses of blue spirulina so that you can learn about the most important benefits of this superfood. Here are the most important ones:

 Which Maca Type Is Best For You? Maca Calculator

Energizing: Being a food rich in vitamins and minerals, Blue Spirulina is perfect for improving our energy and betting on stronger and more vital health. It is ideal for moments of fatigue, tiredness, weakness, etc.


Detox: It is also a perfect food to purify the body and bet on a cleaner body without toxins. This effect is due to the high amount of chlorophyll, which is a component that helps us to purify the body. It is used in the detox diet.


Satiating: Blue Spirulina is also rich in fiber, a component that will help us to reduce appetite naturally. Therefore, it is an ally for weight loss diets.


Antioxidant: Phycocyanin is an ingredient that helps us to prevent cell aging and combat oxidation of the body. Therefore, it is an ally to reduce the risk of suffering degenerative diseases.


Ideal to eliminate stress: It is an extract very rich in magnesium and B vitamins, so it is highly indicated to avoid stress in the body, as well as tension, nerves, or contractures.


It fights anemia: Finally, another of the benefits of Blue Spirulina is that it is an ally for anemia. The reason is that it provides us with a very high iron content that will prevent this health condition.


How to use this super blue alga

Blue Spirulina can be consumed, as we have already said, in capsules, taking the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. But, we can also use the Spirulina powder to add it to different foods. These are some of them:


  • To add it to smoothies: we can include a spoonful of Spirulina powder to any fruit or vegetable smoothie, thus increasing its detox and healthy effect. 
  • To take it with soups and creams: added to these foods we can thicken little sauces, benefiting from its texture and properties. Ideal for vegans: we can include it in any food for vegans since it is one hundred percent of vegetable origin. 


The reason why it is convenient to add Blue Spirulina to our diet is that, as we have said, it contains a multitude of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These are some examples of its nutritional composition compared to other foods:


  • It has 34 times more iron than spinach.
  • It contains 126 times more calcium than cheese but without cholesterol.
  • It includes 21 times more beta-carotene than carrots.
  • It is 1.65 times richer in protein than soybeans, which is another food with high protein content.

It is advisable not to cook Spirulina, because, although it does not spoil, it could lose some of its properties. That is why it is advisable to add it to food once it has been cooked.


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As with any other superfood, we must pay attention to the quantities ingested. It is advisable not to exceed the recommended daily dose and consult our doctor if we suffer from any serious condition.


Now that you know all the benefits of Blue Spirulina and its properties and benefits for the body, you just have to incorporate it into your diet and get a little healthier life.



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