Our greatest asset is our specialized dream team of diverse experts. Together, we are stronger and we work to ensure the best ROI while building allegiance across every touch point.

Assuaged-Dream-Team_03 Thane & Cynthia Murphy
Summa Cum Laude
Disabled USMC Vet &
Craniofacial Activist
Assuaged-Dream-Team_05 Vasile Tiplea
Fortune 100 Agency
Award-Winning Mobile &
Web Development
Pete Danielson Fortune 500 Advisor (1) Peter Danielson
Emissary Brands
Director of Brand
Assuaged-Dream-Team_12 Bonnie Hearn Hill
Best-Selling Author & Editor
 (Severn House)
Assuaged-Dream-Team_13 Hazel Dixon-Cooper
Best-Selling Author & Wellness Coach
 (Simon & Schuster)
Assuaged-Dream-Team_14 Curtis Roberts, Esq.
The Founders Attorney
 Lawyer & Business
Rifat Ahmed MonsterClaw Rifat Ahmed
 Affiliate Agency Expert
Al Harris & Raquel Sanchez Al Harris & RaQuel Sanchez
Kiss the Monkeys
Brand Advisory Partners
Assuaged-Dream-Team.png-2_03-02 David Tyler Bennett
Verhagen Benneth LLP
Patent and Trademark
Assuaged-Dream-Team.png-2_03-03 Amy Venner-Hamdi
Purium Health Products
Co-Founder &
Nutritional Expert
Assuaged-Dream-Team.png-2_03-04 Craig and Jenny Dumnich
Corporate Wellness Experts
Influencer Partners
IMG_0316 Ashley Woods
Assuaged, Inc.
Champion Content
Chen Du Registered Dietitian and PhD Student in Human Nutrition Chen Du
Assuaged, Inc.
Dietitian and PhD Student
in Human Nutrition
Skye Stewart Baker - Certified Herbalist _ Practical Nurse _ Conservationist _ Intern Management Skye Stewart Baker
Assuaged, Inc.
Practical Nurse & Intern Management
Tyquon Jackson Business Marketing Intern Tyquon Jackson
Assuaged, Inc.
Business Marketing Intern
Madison McVay-1 Madison McVay
Assuaged, Inc.
Facebook Social Media Director
Marisol Marin Assuaged Intern Marisol Marin
Assuaged, Inc.
Content Writer
Juming Delmas Assuaged Marketing Intern Juming Delmas
Assuaged, Inc.
Strategic Communications
TQHSVEPTR-UTTC96FSB-338440fe857a-512 Gina Gaus
Assuaged, Inc.
Social Media & Content Lead
Lauren Renville Assuaged Content Writer Lauren Renville
Assuaged, Inc.
Content Writer
Aaron Sandomire Profile Picture Aaron Sandomire
Assuaged, Inc.
Social Media & Content Lead
Marlee Septak Assuaged Content Writer Marlee Septak
Assuaged, Inc.
Content Writer
TQHSVEPTR-UTTC4RVBR-b5920ded7825-512 Lisette Ramirez
Assuaged, Inc.
Marketing Intern
TQHSVEPTR-UTZH908JY-48c18820a65c-512 Ruchika Anand
Assuaged, Inc.
Content Writer
TQHSVEPTR-UUQEYM085-1c4c33a57335-512 Jennifer Pagel
Assuaged, Inc.
Data Analysis Lead
Gregory Sonnen-1 Gregory Sonnen
Assuaged, Inc.
Data Analysis Lead
Sara Mahmood Assuaged, Inc. Sara Mahmood
Assuaged, Inc.
Content Curator
TQHSVEPTR-UTG8TRSJ2-cad9027adcfa-512 Edgar Lua-Torres
Assuaged, Inc.
Social Media Lead
Kevin Ahn-1 Kevin Ahn
Assuaged, Inc.
Data Analysis Lead
Kristin Canady Research Lead Kristin Canady
Assuaged, Inc.
Research & Content Lead
Trajan Jenkins Assuaged, Inc. Trajan Jenkins
Assuaged, Inc.
YouTube Influencer
Emawayish Haile Assuaged, Inc. Emawayish Haile
Assuaged, Inc.
Data Analyst
George Perkins Assuaged, Inc. George Perkins
Assuaged, Inc.
Business Analytics & Marketing
Archana Nair Assuaged, Inc. Archana Nair
Assuaged, Inc.
Software Engineer
Nazia Azamy Nazia Azamy
Assuaged, Inc.
Project Management & Marketing Lead
Szilard Keresztely Szilard Keresztely
Assuaged, Inc.
Marketing Lead
Theresa Sanchez Assuaged, Inc. Theresa Sanchez
Assuaged, Inc.
Project Management & Health Coach
Saleha Arif Saleha Arif
Assuaged, Inc.
Social Media Management
Alan Ortega Alan Ortega
Assuaged, Inc.
Data Analyst & Coding
Alexandra Moreno Assuaged, Inc. Alexandra Moreno
Assuaged, Inc.
Project Management
Brianna Schullo Copywriter Brianna Schullo
Assuaged, Inc.
Social Media and Writing Intern
Travis Mallard Assuaged, Inc. Travis Mallard
Assuaged, Inc.
Business Outreach Lead
Veronica Guzman-Carrillo Veronica Guzman-Carrillo
Assuaged, Inc.
Data Analyst & Coding


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