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I hugged a tree in Sedona, and to my surprise it had a message for me

Two weeks ago, I headed to a retreat at Mago Sedona Center in Arizona to replenish my soul and take a break from my hectic life.


What is Spiritual Materialism?

The term spiritual materialism was first identified by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist educator who wrote the book ‘Cutting Through...


The Health of Your Conscience | The Humane League

I’m not a doctor. I don’t know much about medicine. Healthy eating has never been my thing, and I’ve usually scoffed at the latest diet fads. When it...


Vegan Eating Set to Be 2018’s ‘Mega-Trend’ as Plant-Based Sales Triple in One Year

As we reported earlier, data gathered by market research group 1010 data has revealed that sales of plant-based products have increased three-fold...


A Plant-Based Lifestyle with No Judgment, No Remorse

I‘m a vegan, and this morning I woke up to the smell of bacon, buttery eggs, and ham. The cheesy stench was hard to ignore. To make matters even...


Thrive Market, an Online Organic Shopping Market Comparable to Costco

Save time, money, and hassle by shopping online at Thrive Market. Here you'll find exclusive deals on popular products — and they'll deliver...


Is Vegan the New Organic? Plant-Based Foods Top $3.1 Billion in Sales

A clear indicator that vegan, plant-based foods are more than just a passing fad comes by way of new market research commissioned by nonprofits...


Are Vegan Doctors Promoting an Agenda in “What the Health”?

I wish people wouldn’t look at “What The Health” as doctors promoting a vegan agenda. There was no meeting of vegans where an agenda was planned for...


Sea Salt Around the World is Contaminated by Plastic, Studies Show

Exclusive: New studies find microplastics in salt from the US, Europe and China, adding to evidence that plastic pollution is pervasive in the...

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