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How to Make Urinary Tract Cleansing Herbal Water

Are you tired of the taste of plain old water? Well, we have a recipe that will make your water tasty. An added bonus is that it can help prevent you from developing any future urinary tract infections! This Urinary Tract Cleansing Herbal Water recipe is not only easy to make, but contains herbs that will leave your water tasting delicious. What's better than staying hydrated? Staying hydrated and improving your overall health in the process!

Aromatherapy essential oils herbs spices fresh plants

This bladder cleanse recipe only contains four organic recipes and can be made in two simple steps. Best of all, this recipe can help strengthen your urinary tract naturally!


The ingredients in our Urinary Tract Cleansing Herbal Water have been shown to improve digestion, increase heart health, support the genitourinary tract, and boost your immune system. You can now enjoy a glass of water while also gaining additional health benefits throughout your body! 


What Helps Cleanse Your Urinary Tract?

You can cleanse your urinary tract and keep your bladder healthy by: 

  • Drinking plenty of fluids to flush out bacteria: Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily can help flush out bacteria of your urinary tract and prevent bladder infections.
  • Avoiding smoking tobacco: Tobacco is a major risk factor for developing bladder cancer.
  • Increasing Vitamin C intake: This vitamin is thought to increase the acidity of urine, which kills off the bacteria that causes infection.
  • Taking probiotics: The use of probiotics have been linked to improved digestive health and enhanced immune function.


What is the Best Thing to Drink for Your Kidneys?

The best drink for your kidneys is simply water! Water gives your kidneys the fluid it needs to function well. It helps remove wastes from your blood by helping produce urine. It also helps keep your blood vessels open, which allows blood to travel freely in kidneys and deliver essential nutrients to them.


For optimal kidney health, it is recommended to consume four to six glasses of water a day. If you have been diagnosed with renal failure, it is best to consult your doctor about daily fluid consumption.


Assuaged's herbal water recipe is great to use because it includes natural herbs that provides many health benefits, while also helping you stay hydrated. 


Our herbal water recipe contains:

  • Whole Coriander: May promote digestion and gut health, is rich in immune-boosting antioxidants, may fight infections, benefit heart health, and lower blood sugar levels.
  • Whole Cloves: May reduce stomach ulcers, can kill bacteria, improve liver health, promote bone health, and may help protect against cancer.
  • Whole Fennel: Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, fiber, potassium, and folate. Can help decrease the risk of heart disease because it reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Organic Genitrac: Supports urinary tract and prostate health, aids in digestion, restore balance to kidneys, detox accumulated toxins, and helps move vital nutrients quickly to cells and organs. 

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There are really no excuses not to try healthier habits in your everyday life. If you are a man or woman looking for specific benefits of adopting healthier habits or just want to know about the general healing properties of herbs. Please remember to comment or post any health questions, or contact us directly!


Also feel free to share any of your favorite recipes to make and share it with the Assuaged community on our ➡️ Share A Recipe ⬅️ page!

Urinary Tract Cleansing Herbal Water Recipe

Urinary Tract Cleansing Herbal Water Recipe

Yield: 2
prep time: 5 M cook time: 5 M total time: 10 M


  • 1/2 teaspoon whole coriander
  • 1 teaspoon whole cloves
  • 1/4 teaspoon whole fennel
  • 2 tablets of Organic Genitrac


How to Urinary Tract Cleansing Herbal Water

  1. Boil two quarts of water, then add spices and two tablets of Organic Genitrac
  2. Allow the herbs to steep and the tablets to dissolve. Sip warm throughout the day and enjoy!
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