Volunteer Opportunities: Assisting to Ease the Pressure of COVID-19

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”– Mahatma Gandhi


When finding ourselves lost in worry or doubt about our personal lives and wellbeing, most often, the result is falling deeper into a depressed or anxious state. The more we dwell among the resentments and doubts, the easier it becomes to get stuck on that track or dialogue without even noticing.


The best way to get out of this rut is to look up, see everything around without labeling good or bad, just as open possibilities. Not only are there infinite things to be grateful for, but there are so many others looking down stuck in the same place in the mind.


As a species, it is in our human character to be helpful, but in western society, this quality has become stifled. It is not openly encouraged in such a competitive environment to show that assistance is wanted, let alone needed.


Accepting a helping hand is not a sign of weakness, and the strength it portrays to ask or receive is rooted in the loving nature of humanity. We are here for each other as a support system, and each individual has a gift that can assist in easing tensions and providing positivity. 

two people holding hands in support and care

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

People are participating from all corners of the earth, alleviating however they possibly can. There are so many avenues for providing assistance, it can be medically, psychologically, financially, providing supplies, or virtual assistance with various channels from emotional support to exercise.


Here are a few ways to contribute if you are able, as every aiding hand is needed, and we are all here for a reason. Whether it is to learn or provide or accept support, we are all essential contributors to this global healing process!


For those with professional medical background and others who are pre-credentialed and organized, there are programs seeking matches of medical and non-medical volunteers to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


Medically qualified individuals are essential for answering medical questions on the COVID-19 hotline or assist at test specimen collection sites. Non-medical volunteers are useful in administrative roles at either the call-center or test collection sites and can provide interpretation or other skills as needed.


One site with multiple opportunities across the county and virtually from home is Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service. These include the text-based counseling “Crisis Text Line” to help with coronavirus-related stress.


There’s even a mobile app that connects blind and low-vision individuals with sighted participants through a live video call, Be My Eyes. If there’s a computer at home, there are numerous ways to provide valuable assistance to those in need.


Another form of volunteering is out there, but it is a call for only the brave and eager. This option is to receive the Coronavirus on purpose voluntarily. Yes, to take the vaccine and be an experiment in the hope of expedited results.


This noble volunteer act can help accelerate the process of finding a solution by giving evidence of the effects in a much more timely process. Given the near standstill of human activity, this may sound like a great idea, but testing something so unknown isn’t exactly ethical, to say the least.


The drawbacks to voluntarily being inoculated by a live virus are quite obvious, but this may be the most efficient way to get a solution or know there’s more work ahead for the vaccination.

Doctor inoculating patient through nose with vaccine treatment

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Only young adults would qualify, as they seem to be the most resistant overall. First, the youthful partakers would go through a two-week quarantine to make sure they were virus-free. They would then be given the virus and observed.


They would have to remain isolated in a controlled setting, and doctors could then measure if they had any infection in their throats, and how long any symptoms take to develop. Vaccines usually take a process of about 18 months to get right, and most of all, the trial period, to prove its effectiveness. 


It’s likely that if a challenge trial occurs, plenty of volunteers would likely sign up. After all, first responders, EMTs, health-care workers, and even grocery store clerks are already putting themselves at risk of Covid-19 by staying on the job.


People take such risks for others’ direct gain every time we ask volunteer firefighters to rush into burning buildings or situations of the like. Still, whether we take drastic steps or help the neighbor with some comforting words, we are all part of the solution.


What can each of us do to make the planet a little better off at the end of today?




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Ashley Woods

Ashley Woods

Hello! I’m Ashley, and currently, a student at Quantum University working towards my degree in Natural Medicine and Holistic Health. Being part of a family with ranges from chronic illnesses to mental disease, I’ve lived immersed in the medical field since the beginning.

My experience and observations over the years led me to the path I am walking now, and I hope to share and bring relief wherever and whenever possible. I have a deep passion for living life to the fullest and questioning everything. My main interests fall under one of the three P's; Psychology, Philosophy, or Physics, and the revisions made within those subjects by quantum mechanics. How we think and what we feel is essential to keeping chemical reactions in the body positive and balanced. Mindfulness is key to a healthier self, inside and out, and each day is a new opportunity to embrace.

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