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Spirituality and Psychology: Scratching the Reflective Surface


Life is an experience of various situations, causing a constant fluctuation of feelings. Sometimes we endure circumstances that result in emotions such as feeling elated, relaxed, irritated, anxious, or even challenged. These consist of spiritual and psychological factors that may affect an individual’s level of wellness. It is essential to retain self-awareness and practice transmuting negative thoughts or difficulties that arise. 

How to Improve Psychological Balance with Spiritual Practices


Engaging in frequent practices to examine your spiritual and psychological inventory provides the tools to successfully master control of emotions and gain a broader perspective of what is actively occurring. There are so many synchronicities and life experiences that we miss the in-depth meaning of because we have blockages in perception. Part of those blockages involves the mindset, which can hinder one’s ability to see the big picture and to read between the lines. 


There comes a time we must reflect and accept where we are at the present moment in order to honestly and effectively towards our goals. We can’t get to our destination if focused on another’s map or on the distracting billboards along the way. We also can’t make it somewhere like the top of Everest without proper gear, preparation and physical practices to do so. In order to move forward we must come to terms with where we stand now.


Here’s a self-assessment to see where spirituality falls in your psychological spectrum:


Are you a spiritual person? 

This question involves one’s state of spirituality, which is not quite the same thing as religion. While religion is mostly part of spirituality due to the rituals involved, it is the nature of the practices that contribute a large part to spirituality. Spirituality is an essential component of our lives, involving our belief systems, notions, and perception. Determining the state of spirituality is vital in efforts to gain a better perspective for all the following questions. 


Do you have a purpose in your life? 

The Mandala of Wellness Paradigm emphasizes emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. Even with a considerable amount of knowledge on the emotional, physical, and mental states, spirituality is still a state of well-being that is continuously picked apart and challenged. (Seaward, B., n.d.). Having a purpose in life can satisfy someone on multiple levels because living without a target has and serves no meaning. Once identified and action is made towards a goal, an immense sense of happiness, fulfillment, and success is attainable.


Do you have any spiritual practices that you utilize in efforts to maintain your emotional and psychological wellness? 

To examine and determine the level of spirituality, analyze the current practices that are impacting life physically, spiritually, or mentally, and whether it is negatively or positively. From a psychological standpoint, health is determined after a problem arises. However, these questions can help calculate whether or not the health aspect is being addressed appropriately. If practices aren't being utilized, and emotions and situations are going unresolved, results can spiral into much deeper issues.


Persona sitting at lake reflecting life purpose and spiritual meaning


What are some things you believe that money and material items cannot buy? 

Many of us are attached to the material plane. People lack the realization that money is energy, and financial abundance will not be freely accessible unless there is a purpose and positive intention. Sometimes we may encounter blessings, but if we lack pure light, love, and intent, those materialistic experiences are bound to be short-lived. When a particular emotion is induced, these experiences are felt internally and externally in the human body. Lacking the feeling of self-worth causes the tendency to attach to material items, and spend in excess on unnecessary items. (Psych Central, 2016). Therefore, these tangible items only provide temporary satisfaction, and no internal or external healing derived from physical objects.


What are activities that make you feel spiritually satisfied? 

This question allows for a higher perception of what is satisfied or starving at a soul level. We all want to feel like we belong; we all want to feel loved and secured with ourselves and in our relationships (McLeod, S., 2018). Having all of this allows us to accomplish a great sense of happiness and bliss in our lives. Living through the process of life and nurturing relationships by accepting and giving out love during times of joy or sadness pushes us towards higher soul growth. The material plane is not as significant and provides no value to our soul needs. It is merely the playground to experience our thoughts and feelings.


Are you at peace with yourself? 

What amount of self-love exists and is a level of deep understanding of oneself? Take a more in-depth look at the relationship between oneself and one’s level of connection. Sometimes we are so disconnected with ourselves, others, the environment, animals, and the universe we lack the realizations of many valuable life lessons. We all require love for ourselves and to receive love from others. This gives us an all-time high of feeling worthy and belonging. However, the elated feeling of pure bliss and happiness can only be felt when in alignment with the universe and at peace with oneself. 


Do you feel like you need to have full control, and why?

The level of control one needs in their life speaks worlds on the internal state. When one seeks to conquer all power, they are usually not a team player at work, and most often cannot reach the level of a position in leadership. When you have a tight ship on control, you are blocking the flow of valuable collaboration and teamwork, which is where the real magic happens. Everyone has a different skill and a unique level of knowledge to share and contribute. We build an empire together, not alone.


Do you have healthy boundaries in your life, and how do you set them?

Many of us struggle to surround ourselves with positive and negative people, regardless if it is our family or friendships. Our outside relationships can affect our internal one with ourselves. It is essential to be surrounded with positive and uplifting people who inspire and support at all levels. Furthermore, establishing relationships on a personal level and not through technology allows building stronger foundations. When spending time with others in-person, it brings a whole new level of happiness and fulfillment.


half full half empty perspective spiritual mentality

Would you consider yourself optimistic or pessimistic and why? 

To determine the level of spiritual and psychological health, one must have a clear and honest perspective of the current condition to see where to begin the journey in renewing their lives internally and externally (Brown et al., 2014). This question induces a deeper understanding and level of self-awareness that can help evaluate the previous questions asked. 


What are some existing obstacles that are hindering your spiritual growth? 

Various obstacles hinder one’s ability to obtain spiritual wellness and growth. Distracting factors such as technology can especially impede one’s growth by being disconnected from themselves internally and externally (Mahoney, K., 2017). Once those obstacles are identified and accepted, they can be limited. 


Forgiveness is a huge aspect in our lives that provides many mental blocks from accessing the greatness existent in ourselves. How do we show love to ourselves and others? What is the meaning of love on a grand scale? Situations caused by circumstances or loved ones that have gone unforgiven draw negativity like a magnet. For clear communication with the internal self, the hindrances of negative energies and emotions must first be identified and released. 


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Thane Murphy

Thane Murphy

Thane is a disabled USMC veteran who suffers from PTSD incurred by a severe Traumatic-Brain Injury during his service. He’s experienced invasive and debilitating skin rashes since childhood and was diagnosed severely obese and pre-diabetic. Since then, he’s found a cure through diet and nutrition. Thane graduated Summa Cum Laude from Purdue University, specializing in Nutrition and Holistic Medicine.

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