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Is Cocoa Butter A Vegan-Friendly Product?


Cocoa butter is as deliciously used in our chocolate as in our beauty products! So we’re about to look at how this seemingly erroneously named product is vegan-friendly.





Isn't It Butter?


Despite the name, cocoa butter does not contain any amount of dairy and is entirely vegan. The manufacturing process further explains its non-dairy characteristics. Cocoa butter is the fat portion derived from the cacao bean.

The source of cocoa butter, cacao bean, is a healthy vegan fat source, and its production has nothing to do with animal products or by-products.




What Is Cocoa Butter?


Known tropically as ‘Theobroma cacao,’ cocoa butter is the fatty substance of the cacao bean. It gives chocolate its melting attributes and is an excellent fat source for vegans and plant-based eaters alike.

Cacao bean is a rare crop. It grows about twenty degrees north and south of the equator, growing in a little part of the globe known as the ‘Cocoa belt.’

Cocoa butter has a creamy texture and pale-yellow color. These attributes make it the fundamental ingredient in chocolate production and a key component in many cosmetic products and moisturizers. It is truly a versatile plant-based source!





How Is Cocoa Butter Produced?


Two significant products result from the processing of cocoa beans, which are cocoa butter and cocoa powder. First, farmers gather cacao beans from cacao pods. After extracting the beans,
machines clean and roast them to enhance their flavor.

These beans have individual husks (or shells) removed to expose little nuggets known as nibs. Manufacturers do this by fermenting, drying, roasting, and pressing the cocoa nibs.

These raw chocolate pieces get transformed into cocoa liquor. The cocoa butter and remnants of the nibs (cocoa powder) are then separated. These two ingredients go hand-in-hand.

Picture a chocolate bar, for example. Cocoa powder is responsible for the flavor, nutrients, and natural caffeine. But on the other hand, cocoa butter is the element that makes the chocolate melt in your mouth.

Okay, now that we can identify how cocoa butter is produced and processed, we need to delve deeper into the vegan-friendly and dairy-free argument.





Does Cocoa Butter Have Dairy?


If we took out the term ‘butter’ in cocoa butter, it would be easier to accept that cocoa butter is not a dairy product. But, as aforementioned, the butter is an extract of cocoa beans, a plant-based substance on its own.

The inclusion of cocoa butter into certain products doesn’t instantly make them vegan or plant-based. Some products may have a mixture containing animal by-products. Thus, it is wise to check the labels of any product you buy to ensure a vegan and eco-friendly product.




Is Cocoa Butter Vegan?


Now that we’ve established how cocoa butter is entirely dairy-free, it only stands to reason that it is also a fully vegan product. But, again, the confusion lies in the word ‘butter’ as many people in the vegan community assume cocoa butter isn’t a vegan-friendly product.

Certain products at the store may have other substances added to them. Therefore, we recommend checking over the ingredients label to confirm whether your products are vegan-friendly.





Is Cocoa Butter Healthy?


As cocoa butter is such a versatile product, you will likely use it. Many of us have soothing moisturizers and beauty products containing this vegan butter.

It’s great to always do your due diligence about the health and environmental impacts of the products you use, so we took the time and researched it for you!

We will take a look at what ingredients make cocoa butter so healthy. Although outshined by its twin, cocoa powder, cocoa butter is still full of helpful health ingredients, such as Oleic Acid which
reduces blood pressure and causes decreased risk of breast cancer.

That’s not all: pharmaceutical companies experiment with coca butter’s physical properties.
As a non-toxic substance, even when heated up, cocoa butter is the ideal base for many pharmaceutical compositions. In terms of skincare, cocoa butter is high in fatty acids. These compounds are known for their ability to nourish and hydrate skin.





Different Uses of Cocoa Butter


As a non-toxic substance, even when heated up, cocoa butter is the ideal base for many pharmaceutical compositions. In terms of skincare, cocoa butter is high in fatty acids. These compounds are known for their ability to nourish and hydrate skin.

“Aside from making chocolate bars super delicious, what good is cocoa butter anyways?”
Cocoa butter has been incorporated into many products beyond our delightful chocolate!

First and foremost, cocoa butter is an essential beauty tool and included in many effective moisturizers and can also improve hair growth. The moisturizing properties are so gentle that they can be applied directly to the skin. In addition, it is high in fatty acids known to nourish and hydrate.

Are you looking to put this unique substance to good use?

Here are some of the best ways to utilize your cocoa butter:


As a homemade natural cosmetic tool

It is no wonder why cocoa butter is often in many lotions, creams, ointments, and toiletries. This substance is a natural cosmetic tool that moisturizes and heals your skin without side effects common in some chemicals. In addition, cocoa butter contains antioxidants that reduce aging and protect the skin from free radicals.


As a moisturizer

Already well-known for fixing dry skin, the lotion from cocoa butter is perfect for people who struggle with overly sensitive skin. Its moisturizing and healing properties help fade scars, stretch marks, and sunburns. It even helps heal minor rashes. By merely adding cocoa butter to your lotion, you can enjoy the positive effects on your skin.


As a lip balm

Cocoa butter’s moisturizing properties make it an effective lip balm.

As a moisturizing shaving cream
Why use an aftershave when you can apply cocoa butter on your skin? By applying cocoa butter after each shave, you can prevent razor burns while keeping your skin smooth and fresh.


As a cooking ingredient

Cocoa butter is an aromatic substance. It is used in making many kinds of food such as cakes, cookies, and many other confectioneries.


As hair moisturizer

Studies show that cocoa butter can improve hair health. It helps rejuvenate damaged hair and can restore a flaky or irritated scalp. Using cocoa butter as a hair moisturizer is easy. Make a mask by mixing it with hair creams or oils.





Cooking with Cocoa Butter


Before you Google the nearest vegan food to order a tasty dessert, it’s important to note that you can make various delicious dishes with cocoa butter!

Due to its many health benefits and chocolate flavor, cocoa butter is used globally by cooks to sweeten up various meals.

One of the best qualities of cocoa butter is its high burning temperature properties. As a result, this is one of the more stable fats for cooking at high temperatures.

Give cocoa butter a try; add it to your dish and witness your meal’s transformation. Comment below with your cocoa butter recipes!


Are Chocolate Bars Dairy-Free?


As previously noted, it’s crucial to take the time to review the ingredients as sometimes there may be other animal by-products included. Fortunately, some chocolate bars maintain their dairy-free goodness for vegans and non-vegans to enjoy!

A chocolate bar is only vegan if no dairy-derived ingredients (milk powder, milk solids, whey, or casein) have been added. It is also vegan if the processing of the product did not take place in
a milk factory.

So if you’re out looking for dairy-free chocolate, it’s best to direct your search toward dark chocolate. If you are not strictly vegan, remember to check the ingredient label before purchasing if you’re lactose intolerant or can’t eat dairy products due to medical reasons.

It’s important to note that cocoa butter is often high in pure fat, which means it has many calories. Therefore, if you decide to consume cocoa butter, it’s best to do so in moderation.

If this article or any of our other recipes may have you considering the vegan lifestyle, please feel free to reach out to us for beginner tips! However, we recommend that you speak with a medical professional before making significant adjustments to your diet.







People tend to relate cocoa butter with chocolate. Still, it’s an incredibly versatile product. It has more uses than many may know, including acting as a natural moisturizer.

Regardless of how cocoa butter is used, its antioxidant minerals like magnesium, manganese, and copper combine to lower blood pressure. It also aids the immune system.

Cocoa butter may be improving the health of many unaware users. So next time you are putting on your favorite lotion or lip balm, take the time to check out the ingredients. You might be pleasantly surprised to see cocoa butter as a vital ingredient.



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