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Best Hemp Oil Delta-8 Gummies Brand Review: What Does It Feel Like?

This month Eleni Plemmenou and I sat down with Assuaged's CEO, Cynthia Murphy, to discuss her experience with the company's upcoming new product line of Hemp Oil and Delta 8 gummies. Murphy took each of the four types of gummies including Sleepytime, Hemp-CBDA, the Multivitamin, and Delta-8 for 30 days. You can read all about her exciting experience in the following transcript! 

What was your purpose in creating the gummies?

I used the gummies for stress relief and focus, but also to feel like I can get away from it all. Through their use, I wanted to find time to spiritually connect and feel oneness. Lately, a lot of people are getting into edibles going from, you know, the traditional smoking MJ, which we haven't done for years because of the carcinogens. But the edibles are just well.


People love taste, and they love texture, and they love gummies which are a very popular, sweet food in general. When you're online, and you see ads pop up and you see new products, you've seen a lot of gummies. It’s also kind of like a new habitual way of getting MJ and getting the benefits from it.


What was your purpose for using the gummies?

I used the gummies for stress relief and focus, but also to feel like I can get away from it all. Through their use, I wanted to find time to spiritually connect and feel oneness. When I first married my husband, I had tried MJ smoking traditionally a few times, and I couldn't handle it.


I had Freaked out, I got really bad anxiety. So for the first 10 years of our marriage, I did not touch MJ. So I wasn't really knowing what to expect to with Delta 8 because it was like a psychoactive kind of relaxing, a high that makes you feel kind of floaty and on cloud nine, if you will.


When taking three of them, I did get a little too high than I wanted to on the Delta 8. I just sat in front of the TV and I watched a movie and I focused on it and I was okay. Our customers should be taking half of a gummy maybe one gummy if they have a high tolerance, they could take two gummies that's where I found my comfort was two gummies.


Now the Hemp-CBDA, those would be kind of like taking half a gummy during the day, you know, just to kind of take the edge off the stress that you have, you know, whether it's work, family life, school life, there's lots of stressors that come into play.


The sleepy time is really popular because Melatonin is in that which induces you to be able to sleep better. And the Hemp Oil tied into all of that allows for more body relaxation. My husband has severe PTSD from a traumatic brain injury that he got 17 years ago. His sleep definitely improved, like 100%. He's actually sleeping until like seven in the morning now.


When you took the hemp oil products, did you notice a high?

Yeah, more of a head high. These were really like low-key and just kind of moderate and digestible if you will, in terms of not being too much of a head high.


What is the best time to take each gummy?

I used all the gummies (“Sleepytime”, Hemp-CBDA, the Multivitamin, and Delta-8) for 30 days. The Multivitamin I definitely did first thing in the morning, and then I took one Hemp-CBDA during the day around noon. Honestly, I would either take Delta 8 or Sleepytime for nighttime because they both kind of have a similar effect. In my opinion, I think Delta 8 is stronger but I wouldn’t take both Delta 8 and Sleepytime at the same time. Either one or the other.


How were the taste and smell?

The smell was so good, it made me want more. I was particularly concerned with the vegan gummies because I tried non-vegan ones before these ones. And they were really rubbery. It was like chewing on a tire. With our gummies, you can just bite right into them. They’re not overly gushy or anything but just the perfect texture and an enjoyable gummy that's vegan, cruelty-free.


There's a little bit of a taste that stays on your tongue. I wanted more of the gummies. The ingredients are cruelty-free. There aren’t any added chemicals or dyes. All organic hemp-derived ingredients. So that's where we've been responsible, by sustainably sourcing the ingredients. I also felt like I could consume the gummies instead of smoking.


Did you notice any changes before or after taking the gummies?

 I would say the feeling before and after was that I definitely had a lot more muscle relaxation, compared to just the regular forms of MJ that we use when taking the gummies.


I felt a lot lighter. And that was particularly with the Delta 8 ones. It was definitely a floaty feeling, I felt like I could disconnect from stresses and emerge myself into the moment, etc. while watching a movie or bonding with my husband. My husband, who has severe TBI and PTSD, usually sleeps around 3-5 hours. But with the gummies, I noticed he was sleeping until 7 AM from 12 PM.



How fast did you notice effects?

Immediately, within two or three hours. So it’s definitely different. It's more of a body high compared to when you smoke and you get that kind of head high.


How long did the effects last?

Four to six hours, depending on someone’s tolerance. Consumers would know the effects immediately that night, about two to three hours after taking some. That's what we would advise, half a gummy to see and then they wait two hours. If they don't feel anything then take the other half. Wait another hour or two. Kind of ease your way into taking it up so you don't overload yourself.


Is there a certain type of diet you have to follow?

I would just say since there is sugar in the gummies if there's some kind of sensitivity to sugar in general then you might be wary of taking the gummies. I mean just the sugar is not astronomical to where it's going to cause a spike, but maybe someone with diabetes might consider not taking the gummies.


How effective were the Sleepytime gummies?

Pretty effective! But I did like the Delta 8 better. I felt like the Delta 8 packed more of a punch compared to the sleepy time. Again, that's all about preference. Some people really like the idea of melatonin and having that intake. Some people don't have a high tolerance and so that would work fine for them. For me, the Delta 8 was a little bit more of that relaxing kind of sensation. Everybody has different needs.


What vitamins are present in the Multivitamin gummies?

Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6. It makes sense in the multivitamin people think about COVID and immunity and how stressed out they can get during this time, so it helps. Then, the Hemp-CBDA gummies help with focus and energy, while Delta-8 is for those psychoactive effects.


Who can take the gummies?

Anyone who desires to be a MJ user without smoking. It doesn't matter the gender or the person but I would especially recommend the gummies to those who overwork, are underpaid, or stressed out. There's also a lot of military veterans that have PTSD, traumatic brain injury, there are people in the NFL industry that suffer from brain injuries. So I think that would make a really great point to hyper-focus on that aspect of being able to cater to the military. 


What about people who have never smoked MJ?

I think the gummies are a great way to introduce someone that's not a smoker or a MJ or Hemp Oil user. It’s a more friendly and digestible way to take a supplement. I mean everybody has different preferences. So some people would rather take a pill, some people would rather have a protein shake. Some people would rather have a spray. So it's just depending on what the person is willing to try, and the benefits they're seeking to reap from it.


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Jessica Michalek

Jessica Michalek

Intern at Assuaged currently pursuing an English major with a creative writing concentration at the University of North Texas

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