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How Going Vegan May Increase Your Self-Confidence


The primary purpose of consuming healthy organic vegan and plant-based foods is to achieve optimal physical and mental wellness. People follow the a vegan plant-based food diet for different reasons—some for curing acne, some for cancer prevention, and some for achieving a healthy lifestyle.


What Is Confidence?


An important part of confidence includes how we regard ourselves. A significant number of us mistake narcissism for vanity and confidence. The key to confidence includes adjusted reasoning of your feelings and understanding your self-esteem.


An individual with great confidence can ascend, despite falling into disappointment. There can be highs and lows when dealing with low self-esteem.


Low confidence is defined as having harmful and unreasonable thoughts. It includes destructive convictions and assumptions towards the self that focuses on dishonor of the self. This happens for a few reasons, mainly when living in the past during the present.


How Can Having Low-Confidence Affect You?


Suppose you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle. In that case, you can suffer from numerous chronic diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. If this is the case in these circumstances, then the same applies to matters involving mental health.


For example, Sarah works for an organization that is requesting her to do a specific assignment, and she does it well. However, her supervisor calls attention to specific mistakes that need to be fixed. Sarah's supervisor expressed gratitude toward her for the great work despite the mistakes. However, Sarah cannot deal with the slightest criticism, and she directs the mean sentiments toward herself.

how-going-vegan-may-increase-your-self-confidence 1

Sarah utilizes expressions, such as, "I am a disappointment" and "I cannot effectively finish the task." Sarah causes herself to accept that she is unimportant and accepts that she makes many mistakes. Additionally, Sarah believes that her supervisor expressed gratitude toward her because he felt sorry for her.

Sarah then attends a business meeting, and the supervisor starts to split projects between all staff members. Sarah accepts that her administrator delegated her an important assignment, and since Sarah could not complete it thoroughly, there is now a weight on her shoulders. All the looks from others in the room appeared to focus on Sarah which made her feel even more useless.


Sarah's considerations and convictions limit her spirit from feeling satisfied or self-acknowledged. Sarah accepts that she is not commendable. Nevertheless, Sarah's convictions are considerations and thoughts that she made for herself, and they are destructive and self-attacking.

Sarah's reflections presented these types of emotions and practices. She does not acknowledge that she must change her self-perspective, which involves words stored in her memory. For example, Sarah often says things such as "I am oblivious, unfit, rejected, and weak." These sayings come from past encounters and traumas.

At seven years old, Sarah's mom became resentful from the fights between her and her dad. Sarah's mother took her frustrations out on Sarah and often told her that she would be a failure like her father.


At ten years old, Sarah's teacher asked a question in the class, and Sarah raised her hand to reply. Sarah's answer was not correct, and the teacher snickered and called her an idiot.


When Sarah turned 18, she became smitten by a man, but he turned her down. Sarah convinced herself that she caused the dismissal from him because she was lame and stupid. At the age of 23, Sarah landed her first job, which led to some mistakes on her first assignment. Sarah would learn later from her mistakes; however, her manager scolded her and told her that she was a disappointment.


All of these experiences overwhelmed Sarah and made her feel worthless.


Sarah has a toxic relationship with her friends; however, she does not move on. Sarah continues to attend her friends' social activities, and over time she becomes more frustrated. Sarah reflects many negative thoughts, including how her friends may perceive her. Sarah says things to herself such as "What did they say about me?" or "Am I helpful to my friends?"


Sarah's life is not awful, and while she feels that she does not have much in common with her friends, Sarah is likely incorrect because she cannot recognize logical feelings. Sarah has had pleasant encounters, but she has cherry-picked out certain circumstances to oversee and arrange her life by limiting her thought patterns to see what she only wants to see because that is how she feels.

How Can We Make A Better Life Without Harmful Beliefs?


  1. Self-absolution allows you to excuse yourself from these harmful thought patterns and gain from your missteps, paving the way to optimal mental health. It is common for your weaknesses to pass; however, remember with ongoing progress, it will take time. Be patient during the process. Say positive affirmations that allow you to believe in yourself.
  2. Learn new abilities, and make your best attempts to master the craft. Make efforts to help other people. Do not over-extend yourself to obtain the approval of others. Help should be sensible, practical, and not wear you down. Make yourself happy while helping others too. You are worthy, but you must always cater to your needs first. If you are not healthy in the mind or heart, then you cannot help others.
  3. Not every word or opinion given by someone else implies that it is valid. This is their assessment of you, and therefore, it does not need acknowledgment by you.
  4. Set boundaries for how individuals manage or control you, be reflective and mindful. The more your self-esteem builds, the higher you will rise over time.
  5. Managing pressure in a logical way will allow you to discover that ability is crucial to self-confidence. You possess the option to set positive energy for yourself. Be sure to reward yourself, and set your needs where they need to be. 
  6. Your worth does not rely upon your conditions because the outcomes can change as you change yourself. Decide what your worth is. You are not perfect, but you have been created in perfect form as meant to be. You are worthy and loved. Loving yourself must always come first before you can love others.
  7. Become more aware of your self-assurance. Accept and love yourself, and do not compare yourself to others. Every individual is different and faces different circumstances.

how-going-vegan-may-increase-your-self-confidence 2

If you feel low self-confidence, remember that it takes time to learn better ways to feel better about yourself. The best way to achieve mental wellness leading to enhanced self-confidence is to be mindful of what you put into your body. Consuming high amounts of healthy organic vegetables, nuts, grains, and plant-based vegan foods will pave the way to better mental and physical health.

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Shikah Almuzayyen

Shikah Almuzayyen

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