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A Superfood Adaptogen Powerhouse - Black Maca Health Benefits For Men


Maca is a plant that grows in the Andes Mountains in Central Peru and is still used by locals over thousands of years. Each has specific properties based on the color of the root, either red, black, or yellow. The color really only goes skin deep, so each individual powder is a varying shade of yellowish beige.


There are many health benefits to taking Maca Root, and Black Maca appears to cover the most ground for men. A few new options exist for taking Maca Root, including powders, there are also capsules and even liquid extracts, for anyone who just doesn't want to deal with the more exotic and earthy flavor.

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What Are Some of the Surface Health Benefits of the Superfood Maca?


Quite a list of health benefits are provided by this powerhouse root, but black Maca seems to provide the most impact for men. If you are looking to improve strength, or boost mood and stamina, or just get an extra kick of nutrients, the superfood is a super solid place to start.


Maca Strengthens Bones and Muscle 


Black Maca has a high content of calcium that helps keep bones healthy by increasing bone density. The high levels of protein assists with muscle growth. 


Maca is used to increase strength, muscle content, energy levels and enhance overall performance. Many athletes and body builders incorporate this superfood into their diets for multiple benefits. 


  • Great source of calcium that increases bone density and keeps teeth strong
  • Popular supplement with bodybuilders and athletes
  • Increases muscle, strength, energy, and exercise performance
  • High source of protein
  • It's anabolic, which means constructive metabolism or naturally building up muscle


Maca Root Provides Long-Lasting Energy 


Maca is not a stimulant like caffeine, but it uses its nutritional value to energize the entire body. Consuming Maca stabilizes blood sugar levels throughout the day rather than having peaks and crashes common after going for the caffeinated drink or sugary snack.


The vitality gained from taking Maca creates more extended and robust energy. The nutrients and vitamins in Maca reduce fatigue so that you will feel invigorated and motivated.



  • No stimulant like caffeine -stabilizes blood sugar levels to avoid peaks and crashes
  • Extra stamina from nutrients and vitamins - energy lasts longer with more intensity
  • Increase strength and reduce fatigue - feel energized, awake and motivated


Maca Powder Helps with Hair Loss


Red Maca and Black Maca help with promote growth and prevent hair loss. It increases the nourishment to the hair follicles by stimulating blood microcirculation in the scalp, which encourages hair growth. 


Studies show it can decrease the chance of breakage and fallout. These factors make Maca a recommended product for people experiencing hair thinning. 


Taking Maca supplements helps, but it works best when applied topically as a thin paste. For most effectiveness and scalp stimulation massage in maca paste and let sit briefly, for about 10 minutes, before washing hair.

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What are Some Not So Obvious Boosts From This Adaptogen?


This adaptogen works wonders for any man, inside and out. For more muscle definition, stronger mental clarity, even a thicker mane and a brighter smile, Maca covers it all.


Looking to spice things up and boost libido? Because that's not just a benefit Maca provides for men.  Women experience very similar benefits, primarily from red Maca root, just in case you were wondering...


Maca Improves Mood and Memory



We mentioned Maca being an energizer when it comes to performance and bodily functions, but did you know Maca can help lighten depression and anxiety? As an adaptogen, it balances hormones, boosts energy levels, and enhances overall wellness.


Red Maca is used to balance emotional health and improve mood. This powerful root is also renowned for memory improvement. It is useful for memory enhancement and to strengthen learning agility. 


Balances Testosterone Levels and Helps Prostate Health


Though there is no direct evidence of increasing testosterone, Maca energizes the body to reach balanced hormone levels and positively impacts the endocrine system. Rather than changing the serum levels of testosterone, researchers theorize it can improve free testosterone levels. All colors of Maca can help with this. 


Maca has proven to promote prostate health for men. The prostate gland surrounds the neck of the bladder and secretes an alkaline fluid that nourishes the sperm. Aging men can develop Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), which enlarges the gland. 


This enlargement can cause problems when passing urine. Red Maca shows to help decrease the prostate size due to its high amount of glucosinolates. Using Maca can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer. 


Improves Fertility & Libido While Helping To Relieve Erectile Dysfunction 


One of the lesser-known benefits of Maca powder for men includes helping improve fertility, libido, and erectile dysfunction. Traditionally taken as an aphrodisiac, Maca is a food that stimulates sexual desire. For men with mild erectile dysfunction, studies show a significant improvement after incorporating this superfood. 


The nutrients macaenes and macamides found in Maca Root supports a healthy libido for men. It is proven to enhance semen quality in both healthy and infertile men. Black and yellow Maca increases the amount, flow, and volume of sperm explicitly. 


  • Originally Maca was taken as an aphrodisiac 
  • Improves semen quality
  • Increases count, motility, and quantity of sperm (mainly black, some yellow)
  • Enhances sexual desire
  • Relief of mild ED
  • Adaptogen that balances hormones

Which Maca Type Is Best For You? Maca Calculator


Where Do I Find The Best Maca Root Products?


These are just a few benefits that any man can look forward to by using Maca Root. Was that not enough to convince you just yet? Because there are more health benefits and options from both Red Maca and Yellow Maca, there's even a Tri-Color Blend if want to gain from them all. 


There is still room for more research to reach conclusive findings on these benefits and learn about new ones, but experience has proven over the test of time, this superfood adaptogen has something good to offer. 


Want a potent and robust source to try Maca and see some results for yourself? We recommend the Maca Team; they know what they're doing. 






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