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11 Tips for Cancer Patients and Survivors


fresh organic produce in local market


1. Eat by color, either raw or lightly cooked.


The body needs to be slightly alkaline, as cancer cells thrive in acidic environments. The easiest way to achieve higher alkalinity is to focus primarily on produce from all colors of the rainbow.


At least 50% of them should be raw. Even better if you can make your way up to 80% by juicing and smoothies. The main foods to avoid are processed food, sugar, meat, dairy, and alcohol as they lower pH levels and cause inflammation.


Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for discovering the connection between oxygen and cancer. This Warburg Effect shows cancer cells cannot live in an aerobic environment. How can that environment be created? Eating lots of fresh vegetables, preferably local, organic, and focusing on an oxygen-rich diet, will naturally boost immunity and energy levels too.


2. A full house of enzymes is necessary to thrive.


Enzymes create complex chemical reactions in the cells of our bodies that help attack viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup used on conventional crops and GMO crops, kills enzymes.


There are no enzymes left in processed or fast foods. Enzymes remain on raw, organic produce. Use an enzyme supplement that includes increased Amylase for carb digestion and increased Protease for protein digestion.


3. Avoid caffeine and increase your magnesium intake.


Caffeine blocks magnesium, which is essential for 325 enzyme reactions in the body. The soils where food is grown have become deficient in magnesium (and most other minerals). It plays a major role in detoxification and is essential for minimizing damage from environmental toxins, heavy toxic metals, and others.


A good magnesium supplement recommended by doctors is OptiMagNeuro because it penetrates the blood-brain barrier. Also, Suzie Cohen's Script Essentials Magnesium, which is Magnesium Malate, and which is fabulous for digestive support.


4. Check on vitamin D levels.


The Vitamin D added to milk is synthetic D2, and is not processed well by the digestive system. Vitamin D3 supplement is much more valuable, as a deficiency is a cause of cancer. Before starting to take a D3 supplement, have Vitamin D levels checked by a doctor. It's possible to have an excess, but most are deficient in D3.


5. Avoid conventional milk and dairy.


Milk is an acidifying protein, so the bones are forfeited by pulling out the calcium in the bones and also neutralizing the acid to protect the kidneys. Pasteurization increases the acid level. If milk just cannot be omitted from the diet, the most nutritious milk is whole unpasteurized organic milk from grass-fed cows.


It is not as risky as once thought and has many benefits over conventional pasteurized milk. If it comes from a natural grass-fed cow, most of the hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides/herbicides that are in factory cow milk were unnecessary and avoided.


6. Omit sugar and most alternative natural sweeteners.


Sugar and artificial sweeteners directly link to an acidic environment and a heaping number of health problems. For sweeteners, brown rice sugar, stevia, real honey, preferably from a local source, or maple syrup are the best options.


Stay away from diet soft drinks and regular soft drinks. There is no nutritional value, and they cause impairment of bodily functions.


7. Stay away from processed and fast foods.


They are loaded with synthetic ingredients and have no healthful benefits. They have zero enzymes, so the body has to steal enzymes from itself to process them, and the chemicals cause mixed signals within.


When the digestive system gets impeded by processed food, it not only takes more energy to break it down than received, but all organs go on overdrive to eliminate the toxins absorbed through digestion.




8. Exercise.


Healing occurs exceptionally faster when exercise is incorporated daily, which provides cells with floods of oxygen and flushes out toxins through the lymphatic system.


The lymphatic system circulates the entire body but lacks a pumping system like the heart to clear out the debris and drain properly. Exercise is so essential because, without it, the tissues suffocate in the acidic waste that has stagnated.


9. Keep the pipes cleared.


Yes, the goal is to go three times a day. Otherwise, the intestinal walls can become obstructed, which will prevent maximum nutrient absorption.


Eating a plant-based diet will make this task much more feasible if meat or processed foods are presently staples in the weekly menu.


10. Detox.

In addition to your regular exercise (in class, Tao, Yoga, weight training, aerobics, resistance, stretching), the best way for the lymph system to flush out toxins is to rebound. Jumping or even sitting on the rebounder and lightly bouncing will make a difference in how the lymph system drains and functions. Tao exercise is also a great way to get the lymph system to drain. Also, consider the belly button wand.


There are three natural detox functions; through the skin, through the lungs, or through elimination. Other practices of boosting detoxing procedures are:

  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Saunas
  • Steam baths
  • Epson salt baths add baking soda and lavender essential oil (not synthetic)
  • Dry brushing

11. Raise your core body temperature.


There is a correlation between core body temperature and cancer.


Raise the core temperature by trying Epsom salt baths at night, light exercise consistently to start to sweat, infrared sauna, warming foods.


This assists in lymph drainage, toxin release, and overall relaxation. Be kind and gentle through this healing process, and make sure to follow all suggestions with ample rest and self-care.


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