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Natural and Alternative Methods of Healing for Us (and Our Pets, too?)



Did you know that there are natural healing methods that aren’t just used on us but can often be used on our pets, as well? Methods like acupuncture, chiropractic, and reiki can benefit not only us but our furry friends, as well! Keep reading to learn more.


What Is Alternative Therapy for Pets?


The specialist focuses on the entire being with holistic therapies, meaning the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic medicine can include acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, chiropractic, and more. Now more than ever, pet owners are utilizing alternative therapies for their pets to help heal them in natural ways. Pet owners look to holistic ways to treat their pets primarily because traditional medicines and procedures are not working as they should. However, before you make any decisions on holistic treatments, consult your veterinarian for an expert opinion and ensure that the type of therapy you are looking at would be the right choice for your pet.





Natural/Alternative Remedies for Owners & Pets


Acupuncture – This ancient Chinese practice places thin needles in various body parts to help heal or relieve pain in certain areas. Acupuncture has been shown to improve organ function, relieve muscle pain, and improve blood flow. Acupuncture is especially beneficial for humans (or pets) who experience skeletal/muscular, respiratory, digestive, or skin problems.


Chiropractic – Receiving chiropractic treatment can significantly benefit both humans and pets. A chiropractor can help to relieve pressure from pinched nerves or readjust whatever bones/joints need to be put back in place. For example, having joints in your spine realigned can help you or your pet to feel so much relief, allowing your muscles, organs, or tissues to work even better than they had been. It can also help to improve other problems, like epilepsy and skin or behavioral issues.


Herbal Medicine – Natural herbal medicines can be a great way to improve your or your pet’s health. Herbal medicines can help to treat digestive problems, kidney or bladder disease, parasites, skin issues, or bone/tissue injuries. However, before transitioning to herbal medicine for health solutions, you should discuss this with your health practitioner, or if it is for your pet, consult their veterinarian.





Massage – Massages are not just good for a spa day. Getting massages continuously can help with not only relieving stress and anxiety but also helping with relieving body pain and improving circulation. There are trained massage therapists who have received a specialization in animals, so make sure to track one of them down for your pet so that they know which muscles and tissues they need to prioritize.


Reiki – The purpose of reiki is to help improve the energy flow in your body, removing the bad and increasing the good. This will involve the practitioner lightly putting their hands on or just above yourself or your pet, emitting a flow of healing and a calm aura to help you or your pet feel better. This type of treatment works best for those who experience fear or anxiety, have a chronic health problem, or as a way to bring peace near the end of their life.




What Supplements Can I Add to My Pet's Food?


Before discussing this information, it is essential to remember that a veterinarian should be consulted before making any changes to your pet’s diet.

It is essential that, like us, your pet receives a good quality diet that contains excellent ingredients. Since most diets are commercially made, they often don’t include all the nutrients your pet requires. By adding supplements to their food, you can help them stay healthy, have excellent joint health into their older years, and boost their immune system.

Some great supplements to add to your pet’s food include hip/joint supplements, skin/coat supplements, probiotics, and calming supplements. As your pet gets older, their joints will not move as quickly as they had in previous years, which can cause pain, potentially making it so your pet does not want to walk around. To keep your pet’s joints healthy, provide them with a hip or joint supplement that contains antioxidants or anti-inflammatories. For your pet’s skin and coat, even if they are not currently having any problems, it is recommended that you still make sure to give them omega 3’s, whether in a skin and coat supplement or a fish oil supplement. These supplements will give your pet an even softer coat and extra moisture for their skin to maintain its health. For probiotics, they can help keep up healthy digestion for your pet. Lastly, calming supplements can help overactive pets or those pets that experience stress and anxiety. A calming supplement will help to give them a feeling of relaxation so that they can calm down.





How Can I Send Healing Energy to My Pet?


Even spending ten quiet minutes with your pet each day can help relieve their stress or anxiety. Turn on some relaxing, soft music and sit on the floor to get at your pet’s level, slowly and softly petting them. Take nice deep breaths as you do this, slowly moving across your pet’s body where you are petting them. Gradually stop petting them and stop your hands near the core of your pet (their abdomen or the center of their spine). Imagine sending positive and healing energy into your pet through your hands, continuing to take deep breaths while doing so. If your pet has specific areas on their body where they are experiencing more problems, like their joints due to arthritis, place your hands on those areas instead as long as your pet is okay with applying some pressure to those areas. These sessions can last as long as you want, lasting at least ten minutes or at most ninety minutes, with specific body areas targeted for two to five minutes at a time.


Choosing a healthy plant-based and vegan diet is most beneficial when it comes to:

  • Higher levels of energy;

  • Improved sleep;

  • Aids in energy and overall happiness;

  • Provides a sense of comfort and relief;

  • Could prevent major diseases such as obesity and diabetes;

  • Accomplish weight-loss and management; and

  • Improves mental and cognitive functioning.

There are really no excuses not to try healthier habits in your everyday life. If you are a man or woman looking for specific benefits of adopting healthier habits or just want to know about the general healing properties of herbs. Please remember to comment or post any health questions, or contact us directly!





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