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8 Tips for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Every December, we begin to prepare for a new year; hence, come the new year's resolutions. These resolutions are plans and goals that we set for ourselves. Sticking with our goals is not always easy because we become accustomed and used to our current way of living.


Change is hard, especially when you are resistant to making positive changes that could better your life. Don't bound yourself by outdated ways of living; explore the new, and see what works best for you. Testing and trying methods is sometimes the best way to achieve overall happiness and health. Don't make excuses, and don't limit yourself.


It is important to realize the potential and not be small-minded about how much power you have to change your life. Break your bad habits and create better ones for yourself and your family this new year. Here are 8 tips to help get you started.



Don't Procrastinate

Setting goals for yourself can be challenging if you are continuously talking about what you want to accomplish without any action to show for it. Psychologically you have to make efforts at a pace that seems reasonable to you.


Also, make efforts to be as physically active as you can and think during the process. Walk up and down the stairs if you have to, and give some food for thought as to how you can be more productive.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Get an Apple Watch and hold yourself accountable, especially if you sit too much throughout the day. Utilize your phone or e-mail notifications to remind you of your goals so you can better stick with them. Ask your partner or a friend to help hold you accountable for the bad habits you would like to eliminate. Quiet your mind using the Calm app for meditation practices.

Taper Down

If you drink a little too much wine every night, tally up the amount you currently drink. Then do your best to taper down on what you are drinking.


The same applies to taking prescription medications that you would like to eliminate from your life, eating unhealthy fattening foods, or even smoking cigarettes. If you smoke ten cigarettes a day, taper down and only smoke nine the next day.

Continue this pattern until you get down to one cigarette left. Then spend two days smoking 1 cigarette, then only smoke half of a cigarette until you rid of the bad habit once and for all.

8-tips-for-keeping-your-new-years-resolutions 2

The goal is to psychologically prepare yourself from believing that you will be losing out. If you know something is unhealthy for you, you should consciously do your best to better your circumstances. Living in the moment and taking accountability for the changes we want to make allows us to achieve optimal wellness.

Communicate with Your Family and Friends

Be honest with yourself and your loved ones by openly expressing the changes that you want to make. Many people get lost because they think that they need to spend $20-$30 hourly for a therapist. I am an avid believer of therapy; however, it only lasts so long up until a point where you have to put in the work yourself.


A therapist is someone who is paid to listen to your problems and help you work through them. However, our family and friends come for free, and they are often just as honest as any therapist is.


Talk about your problems openly and honestly, tell your family and friends what new years resolutions you want to accomplish. Make a plan together. Remember, it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

8-tips-for-keeping-your-new-years-resolutions 1

Examine Your Habits at a Psychological Level

Breaking bad habits is not easy. We easily attach to the unhealthy habits that we enjoy. Some prefer drinking as opposed to smoking, and then some are closet eaters.


Watch yourself closely and examine your bad habits. Engage in mindfulness practices and watch yourself adopt healthier habits for a new year and new you!

Reward Yourself for Breaking Bad Habits

Make steady progressions towards your health habit goals and reward yourself in healthier ways. Call your best friend or place a frugal order with Victoria's Secret.


Remember, if you love eating chocolate fudge ice cream and cannot do without it on your Friday nights, try a vegan version of your favorite ice cream, such as the So Delicious brand.


The Very Good Butchers and Beyond Meat products make a great substitute for burgers and sausages.


Miyoko's is a great alternative for cheese with dairy.


Push yourself to explore, and you'll discover many alternatives that will satisfy your cravings. Don't overindulge, and do your best to make the process of changing your bad habits fun and rewarding.

8-tips-for-keeping-your-new-years-resolutions 3

Incorporate Healthier Foods and Herbs into Your Daily Diet

You are what you eat, and your body deserves to be nourished with foods and herbs that are nutritiously valuable. Making smoothies and raw juices a few times a week is a great way to eliminate toxins built up in our bodies.


Try implementing detoxifying herbs such as Haritaki, Oregano Oil, and Milk Thistle to aid in overall wellness and detox for the new year.

Start When Your Ready and Track Your Progress

Don't feel overwhelmed to start your new journey on January 1st. Instead, start implementing better choices in your everyday life, one-day-at-a-time when you are ready. Utilize a mobile app or your calendar to mark the days that you work towards your goal.


You can also create a graph, chart, or excel spreadsheet (numbers), to reflect on your progress. The process of tracking your successes will remind you how much traction you've made.

So It's a New Year, What Now?


Remember that taking time to break bad habits is important. Don't be so hard on yourself, and recognize the progress you do make.


Five years ago, when my husband and I incorporated a plant-based vegan diet, we didn't do it overnight. We slowly adjusted and began incorporating healthier foods without wasting what we already had. We finished our non-vegan foods, and when we ran out, we sought plant-based options.


When you nourish your body with healthier foods, your grocery expenses will lessen over time. Invest in an Instant Pot and buy your foods in bulk from FoodtoLive or Amazon. Shop around to find the best prices online, always ask for promo codes before purchasing.


Ultimately this will lessen even more costs and less eating out. Learn how to become a culinary master in your own kitchen and do not fear the unknown. We wish you the best new year for a happier and healthier you!


Making better habits are most beneficial when it comes to:

  • Higher levels of energy;

  • Improved sleep;

    Banyan Botanicals-My Favorite-Resource-Square-Pop-Up
  • Aids in energy and overall happiness;

  • Provides a sense of comfort and relief;

  • Could prevent major diseases such as obesity and diabetes;

  • Accomplish weight-loss and management; and

  • Improves cognitive and mental functioning.

There are really no excuses not to try healthier habits in your everyday life. If you are a man or woman looking for specific benefits of adopting healthier habits or just want to know about the general healing properties of herbs. Please remember to comment or post any health questions, or contact us directly!



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