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vegan miso soup

Simple Instant Pot Vegan Miso Soup

We love our Instant Pot and it saves so much time, and nutrients! Meals that normally take much time and attention in the kitchen are now feasible on...

super vegan chili

Steph's Super Vegan Chili

Last weekend my friends and I rented a cabin off Steven’s Pass Highway in Washington. This area is located near the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National...

One-Pot Plant-Based Mexican Soup with garnish

One-Pot Plant-Based Mexican Soup Recipe

Raise your hand if you love Mexican food! It’s my family’s favorite cuisine (after Indian, of course) so I am always looking for ways to making...

Pumpkin Vegetarian Chili

Pumpkin Vegetarian Chili Recipe

There is a chill in the air, which only means one thing- soup season! One of my favorite hearty cold weather dishes is a wholesome thick chili. With...

Curry Butternut Bisque with Pumpkin Seeds

Curry Butternut Bisque Recipe

A delicious year-round alternative to cream-based soups. Packed with antioxidants, Vitamin B6 and potassium. Curry and ginger to help combat...

Assuaged-Pho-2-Vietnamese Lemongrass

Vietnamese Lemongrass Pho Noodle Recipe

This pho recipe is simply one of a kind. We make it with a pressure cooker to retain extra health benefits and simplify the process. Absolutely...


How to Make Vegan Carrot Detox Soup

Today we're making some vegan carrot soup which is amazing for your digestive system. It help prevents you from getting sick and when you're sick, it...

Roasted Onion Eucalyptus Vegan Soup

Roasted Onion Eucalyptus Vegan Soup Recipe

Wake up and smell the onions. Want to cook something wonderful but lack the time? Problem solved. This might be the easiest non-recipe I know, and...


Anaheim Potato and Asparagus Wild Rice Quinoa Stew

This unique Anaheim Potato and Asparagus Wild Rice Stew is wholesome and packed with powerful plant ingredients. It’s a perfect organic vegan dish...

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