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Super Green White Bean Vegan Nut and Gluten-free Mac And Cheese with Avocado

Super Green White Bean Vegan Nut and Gluten-Free Mac And Cheese

We've created a spin-off of a classic recipe that is super nutritious and friendly to most food intolerances and sensitivities! While cheesy might be...

Japanese Udon Noodles with Tofu and Mushrooms topped with Veggies

Curried Fried Tofu Over Japanese Udon Noodles

This recipe includes a ton of immune boosting ingredients. It is super quick to make after a long day! Packed with protein from the tofu and...

cupcakes with buttercream frosting vanilla and chocolate

4 Ingredient Vegan Buttercream Frosting

How to Make Home-made Frosting in a Flash Homemade vanilla frosting to top baked treats is so much better than store-bought without all the processed...

fresh homemade applesauce

Simple Homemade Spiced Applesauce

This applesauce is a wonderful afternoon treat that is healthy too! Why buy store-bought when you can know every ingredient from making it yourself?...

Easy Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Easy Vegan Parmesan Cheese

This easy Vegan Parmesan Cheese is a perfect addition to so many dishes and ready almost instantly! Try this more nutritious alternative packed with...

Simple Instant Pot Vegan Miso Soup plant-based and vegan

Simple Instant Pot Vegan Miso Soup

We love our Instant Pot and it saves so much time, and nutrients! Meals that normally take much time and attention in the kitchen are now feasible on...

vegan sloppy joe sandwich

Meal Prep: Midwestern Vegan Sloppy Joe’s

I’m from a small town the Midwest, so Sloppy Joe sandwiches are pretty much my definition of a home-cooked dish. Simple, hearty staples like these...

Avocado Kale Spinach Pesto Farfalle Salad

Avocado Kale Spinach Pesto Farfalle Salad

Here's a wonderful dinner recipe for any season as it can be enjoyed hot or cold, also making it an ideal dish for lunch prep for the week! The fresh...

Organic Plant-Based Vegan Herb and Cheese Sauce

Organic Plant-Based Vegan Herb and Cheese Sauce

The perfect cheese sauce alternative that can be used for so many different dishes! We love to use it to top our home-made pizzas, but can also be...

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