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Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury: One LGBT Woman’s Story

A Miraculous Survival Story shared by an amazing LGBT woman who battled her way back to physical and emotional health. I am proud to say I am a...

One-Year-Old Boy born with the craniofacial condition Nager Syndrome

Couple Aims to Break the Silence: Gives Life-Changing Hearing Device to One-Year-Old Boy

Thane and Cynthia Murphy of Assuaged, Inc. are no strangers to physical and mental challenges. Thane, a Marine Corps veteran, has Post-Traumatic...


Jacqueline, 16 Born with Lymphatic Malformations, a Rare Craniofacial Disorder

Jacque was born with lymphatic malformations which causes rare growing facial tumors. Doctors said that she would not make it to her first birthday.


A Walking, Talking Miracle: Living with Pfeiffer Syndrome

Every evening, Braden West whiles away spare time doing an exercise regimen consisting of push-ups. He challenges himself with the hard-core kind,...


How Often Do You Thank Your Therapists?

I am an airline pilot instructor for an international cargo airline. Six years ago, I was paralyzed from the neck down during brain surgery to repair...


Singing Vlogger with Cystic Hygroma, a Rare Craniofacial Disorder Causing a Facial Tumour

INSPIRING young woman born with a large facial tumour making it hard to speak is beating the bullies on YouTube – by singing. Many talented...


Overcoming Paralysis: Did You Do Your Therapy Homework?

How many times has a therapist given you homework exercises you promised to do with all the best intentions and in moderation until your next...


Media News: The Love Story Behind Assuaged

Assuagedowners unique love storymade its way across the media news!

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