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Aromatherapy: 10 Benefits And Uses Of Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are excellent tools to get beneficial essential oils into the air, where their effects can be felt. While some people use...


15 Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is made using electrolysis to suspend metallic silver. This material is used to deal with a number of medical ailments. While modern...


Elderberries: Herbal Medicine for Influenza

The important health benefits of elderberries include their ability to alleviate allergies, boost the immune system, protect against bacteria and...


The Varieties of Maca Root: Red, Yellow and Black

Maca is a high-altitude plant from the mountains of Peru, the roots of which have been used by the locals for their various health benefits for many...

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Kick inflammation to the curb once and for all!

Did you know certain foods can cause increased bodily inflammation? Nourish your body with kinder and cleaner non-processed foods such as dark leafy greens, superfoods, fruits, root vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and healthy oils.

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