Ashley Woods

Assuaged, Inc.

Champion Content Director

Hi there, my name is Ashley, and I'm currently a student at Quantum University, working to acquire my Ph.D. in Natural Medicine and Holistic Health. I utilize my studies to help improve the quality of life myself, loved ones, and those wishing to learn! Being part of a family with ranges from chronic illnesses to mental disease, I live immersed in the medical field and have since the beginning.

I was raised in the mountains of busy southern California, fortunate to grow up closely connected to mother earth, that small haven couldn't satisfy my need of open spaces. Eventually, I found myself in Wyoming where wildlife still reigns, and nature is something that is intimately worked with, not avoided or controlled. Living so intimately with the environment has revealed many of life's little secrets and blessings over the years!

I have a deep passion for what I call the three P's; Psychology, Philosophy, and Physics, and the revisions made within those subjects by quantum mechanics. Optimal health begins within, at the core, where thoughts and emotions reside, and almost all dis-eases have roots that start there. How we think and what we feel is essential to keeping chemical reactions in the body positive and balanced.

By working with depression and among other mental imbalances myself, it is easy for me to see how many aspects of the world are going through a similar experience. It is also clear to see how much we affect our environment and vice-versa. Mindfulness is key to a healthier self, inside and out and each day is a new opportunity to embrace.